Annual Awards Night a great success!

The 2013/14 Annual Awards Night was held on Saturday 17 May.  Our Award Winners for the Summer season were:

Perpetual Trophies

Lew Lewington (MVP – Men):                                  Ben Utting

Samantha Hamilton (MVP – Women):                   Samantha Hamilton

Charles Chasemore (Best Club Person):                 Carla Gibson

Betty Potter (Best Junior Club Person):                  Callum Gibson

Max Sheriff (Young Sportsperson):                         Tom Burgoine

Sonia Cook (Women’s club person):                       Vanessa Clifford

Glenn Lacey (Homerun Award):                               Andrew Reeves

Gordon “Stumpy” Russell (Best Finals – Men):    No Award

Lacey Family (Best Finals – Junior):                          No Award

Sandy Cliff (Best Finals – Women):                          Amy Collins

Team Awards

MVP Winners

1st                          Ben Utting

2nd                         Dennis Ward

3rd                         Andrew Chesterton

4th                         Tom Burgoine

5th                         David Medlin

Div 4 NW             Matt Ignatiadis

Div 4 STH             Joel Passey

W1                        Samantha Hamilton

W2                        Alana Craven

Batting Award Winners

1st                          Ben Utting

2nd                         Brendan McDonald

3rd                         Todd Messinger

4th                         Shannon D’Avoine

5th                         David Medlin

Div 4 NW            Jesse Burns

Div 4 STH             Chris Molnar

Masters               Glenn McColl

W1                        Samantha Hamilton

W2                        Brooke Halliwell

Coaches Award Winners

1st                          Andrew Reeves

2nd                         Jarrod McQuiggan

3rd                         Leigh Scanlon

4th                         Joel Trist (Top Bloke Award)

5th                         Josh Lacey

Div 4 NW             Theo Ignatiadis

Div 4 STH             Oscar Beauchamp

W1                        Belinda Cannington

W2                        Beth Doherty


Shannon D’Avoine - Tardiness Award

John Cliff - Strikeout King

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