Yes you can smell asphalt.....

Car Park works commenced Monday 16 June and will be completed by end July.

Click here for diagram of upgrade:

The works include:

  • Full kerbing and ashphalt
  • Increased carpark scope on the north-western pocket next to clubroom.
  • Full replacement of the front fence, with 2-3 gaps in the fencing for pedestrian access
  • Relocation of the gas tank to the south-west corner
  • Smoothing of the asphalt at the front, as it abutts on to the main road.
  • A centre-line mark will be placed at the entrance, to delineate the entrance and exit sides of the driveway.
  • The configuration of the carpark will take in to account a 1.5-metre minimum distance around the trees on site.
  • There will be bollards place outside the toilet on the western side of the pavilion, to ensure it is safe for people coming out of the toilet.
  • The VISY Bin will be located near the batting cage for the duration of the works and 3 collections with VISY will be cancelled. Reinstatement of this service will recommence from 28th July 2014.

Temporary car park arrangements have been made during the works period and full details have been posted on club room noticeboard.