Doncaster Baseball Club is excited to announce the launch of a new mid-week mixed competion - Softball Social 7s!

Social 7s is a fun, fast, social and easy to play version of slow pitch softball! The easy rules make it quick to pick up, and the fun, simple gameplay is a great way for everyone of all skill levels invovled!! It is a great way to get husbands, wives, partners, fanily, friends and work colleagues participating in baseball!!

So, what exactly is Social 7s? Heres the breakdown:

  • 7-a-side social mixed softball
  • Easy to learn rules
  • Every player bats each inning
  • A new pitcher each inning
  • 4 innings game played in under an hour
  • High scoring: every base gained is a run!
  • Ball is pitched slower, which means more hits and more fielding!
  • A Strike Zone Mat is used – if the pitch lands on the mat, it is a strike!
  • No umpire required – a Game Coordinator scores and makes the call on close plays

To check out footage of Social 7s games in action, check out this video here!

For more detailed information bout all the rules and regulations, check out Softball Australia's rules of the game video here!

Competition Details 

  • All games will be held at Deep Creek Reserve
  • Gamews will be held on Tuesday nights from 7.30pm
  • The competiton will run for 8 weeks, from October 20th to December 8th
  • Mixed teams, min. 4 females on diamond - Ages 14 and over
  • $70 per team per game
  • Team deposit: $80, invoiced to team contact
  • Bar and canteen open

There will be a FREE COME AND TRY NIGHT on Tuesday the 13th of October at 7:30pm, which will provide people with the oppourtunity to come down and give the game a try!!

Does the competion sound good to you? Is it something you think you'd like to participate and get involved in? To register your team to play, click the link here!!

For anymore information, check out the Social 7s website or contact Bransen Gibson by phone on 0417 707 557 or email at