Junior Award winners announced

The 2015/16 Junior Presentation was held on Friday night at the club.  From 5 junior teams, we’ve had 4 teams in the finals and 2 premierships!

The following awards were presented:

Little League Minor – 2015/16 Premiers (Coach: Neil Southwell & Justin Mercer)

Batting: Toby Templeton

Coaches: Jamison Barling

Most Improved: Jacob Karslake


Little League Major (Coaches: Matt Steele & Pete Ervin, Scorer: Kirsty Davis)

MVP: Campbell Hutton

Coaches: Angus Stals

Most Improved: Toby Francis


Junior League (Coach: Dennis Ward, Scorer: Carolyn Minster)

MVP: Jamie Bastian

Batting: Oliver McIntosh

Best Defensive Player: Hannah Healy


U16 – 2015/16 Premiers (Coach: Bransen Gibson, Scorer: Andrea Burger)

Pitching: John Britton

Hitting: Connor Hardcastle

Best Team Player: Jaymee Hassett-Smith


U18 (Coaches: Todd Messinger & Will Jackson (Preston), Scorer: Carla Gibson)

Batting: Hamish Foreman (Preston)

Most Consistent: Alex McCormick(Preston)

Most Consistent: Grant Svikulis


In addition, milestone certificates were presented to:

50 Junior Games

Owen Byrne

Ethan Harris

Jaymee Hassett-Smith

Brooklyn Hutton


75 Junior Games

Jamie Bastian

Fraser Boyd

Brian Chen

Campbell Hutton


100 Junior Games

Alex Deakes

Dakota Gibson


And the following U18 players were farewelled, having completed their junior program at Doncaster Baseball Club:

Fraser Boyd – 75 junior games

Derek Medlin – 131 junior games

Grant Svikulis – 28 junior games


Thanks to all the coaches, scorers, players and parents for a great season.  Thanks also to the Junior Sub-committee made up of Craig Hutton, Carolyn Minster and Carla Gibson.  We’re looking forward to a great 2016/17 season.