Senior Award winners announced

Doncaster Baseball Club - 2015/16 Trophy Winners

Perpetual Trophies

Lew Lewington (MVP – Men):                              Justin Lawrence

Samantha Hamilton (MVP – Women):                 Erin Collis 

Charles Chasemore (Best Club Person):          Carolyn Bastian

Betty Potter (Best Junior Club Person):           Maddy Davis

Max Sheriff (Young Sportsperson):                   Jed Bastian

Sonia Cook (Women’s club person):                 Kate & Emma Chandler

Glenn Lacey (Homerun Award):                         Rhys Aldenhoven and Nic Unland 

Gordon “Stumpy” Russell (Best Finals – Men):   Rhys Otter

Lacey Family (Best Finals – Junior):                      TBA after finals

Sandy Cliff (Best Finals – Women):                        Erin Collis


Team Awards


1st                        Justin Lawrence 

2nd                       Taylor Clemensia 

3rd                        Grant Svikulis

4th                        Jarrod Maddalena

Div 4 A                Jacob Turley     

Div 4 B                Theo Ignatiadis

W1                       Erin Collis 

W2                       Kate Lethborg



1st                        Ben Utting

2nd                      Glen McColl

3rd                        Dennis Ward

4th                        Cory McGeary & Josh Lacey 

Div 4 A                Paul Burgoine          

Div 4 B                Neil Southwell

Masters              Pete Ervin

W1                       Samantha Hamilton

W2                       Shelley Love – Fielding Award



1st                        Simon Fitzmaurice

2nd                       Derek Medlin

3rd                        Jed Bastian – Mr Excitement Award

4th                        Simon Kawanishi – Best Defence Award

Div 4 A                Luis Mayo

Div 4 B                Taylor Williams

W1                       Erin Peterson – Donny Pride

W2                       Lauren Wong



Sean Harrison – Rookie of the Year

Chris Doherty - Strikeout King