President's Report 2016/17


  1. Review of 2016/17


In 2016/17 the club performed very well in a number of areas.  A summary of key points as follows:


  • We have continued our 15-year trend of excellent financial performance, good trading result and a very healthy balance sheet.  We will be reporting negative $10k loss for the year because of the one-of variance where we co-funded the infield and lighting upgrades.  If I remove this one off payment we operated at a positive result north of circa $15k;
    • Canteen and bar continued at excellent margin returns, albeit on reduced revenue
    • Income contributions from Winter making a difference across all elements
  • In 2016/17 we deployed the $110k funding for the Deep Creek infield and lighting upgrade.  Our contribution was $27,700 with the balance of $82k+ being government funded.  It is a testament to our strength and positioning that we were able to secure the State government and local government funds.  The upgraded infield surface and lighting upgrade benefits all members;
  • We were very competitive in all grades in Winter & Summer;
  • Women’s program took a different shape as the next generation of players started to surface;
  • We acquired a new commercial grade fryer in the Deep Creek kitchen which provides a far safer and more hygienic option;
  • Our Winter program grew entering 5 senior teams in the 2017 season;
  • Playing member numbers maintained at record levels circa 300 members;
  • Doncaster continues to be strong advocates in Little League;


Areas for improvement:

  • Our Men’s program remained in Division Two after the 16/17 Summer season and the bigger disappointment was not making the playoffs.  A review of the Men’s program is being undertaken by a board sub-committee with key recommendations to be implemented for next Summer by the incoming board;
  • Sponsorship income has grown by about 25% on last year, however we need a concerted effort to add greater value to our major sponsor in Bendigo Bank or our level of funding from Bendigo will be at risk;
  • We must re-double our efforts to find a solution to Tikalara expansion for a second playing venue;
  • In 17/18 we aim to implement a dedicated management resource and structured program for the development of our junior coaches and pathway for junior players.