Junior Match Committee Guidelines

1 General – Applicable to all Junior Grades

1.1 Players who are not financial after the cut-off date (as specified by the Board) are not to be considered for selection until arrears have been paid.
1.2 Except in exceptional circumstances[1] junior players will spend no more than a half game on the bench in any normal round fixture.  This does not apply to finals games.
1.3 All players will receive an even amount of game time across the season.  It is the responsibility of each Team Coach to ensure that appropriate game time records are kept.

2 BV State & Metro Competitions (Sunday Mornings)

2.1 Teams entered in BV State or Metro competitions will be selected on merit and may be subject to pre-season selection trials at the discretion of Junior Match Committee & Coaches.
2.2 There may be movement between State, Metro and Domestic teams in the same age group at the discretion of the Coaches, in conjunction with the Match Committee.  All players who are promoted or relegated are to be communicated with by the appropriate Team Coach, advising of the decision, an explanation for the action and an indication of Club expectations of the player concerned.
2.3 It is optional for State or Metro players to participate in the Local Club (Domestic) Competition for their respective age group.

3 Friday Night Competition

3.1 Games will be of 90 minutes duration.
3.2 State or Metro pitchers will not be eligible to pitch in their respective Domestic competition.
3.3 State or Metro catchers will not be eligible to catch in their respective Domestic competition.
3.4 With the exception of pitcher and catcher, infield positions must be rotated evenly between all players across the season.  With regard to player safety and self-esteem, it is at the discretion of each coach as to whether a player is ready to play a specific position.
3.5 After four balls have been pitched or the batter is hit by a pitched ball, the batter has the option of hitting off a tee, however is then limited to a two base hit.
3.6 A maximum of five runs can be scored in any one inning.  As soon as the fifth run crosses the plate, the inning will finish.

[1] Exceptional circumstance may be injury, weather, etc.