Selection Guidelines

Senior Men Selection Guidelines

1          General – Applicable to all Senior Teams

1.1       Players who are not financial after the cut-off date (as specified by the Board) will not be considered for selection until fee arrears have been paid, without prior arrangement with Board.

1.2       Teams will be selected by the full Selection Committee (comprising all senior Coaches) - considering form, match ups, training, attitude and team balance.

1.3       Teams will be ranked from the Firsts team onwards and selected in this priority order.

1.4         To ensure that junior players are successfully transitioned into senior baseball, selection priority will be given to junior players where it is in the best interests of their development and retention.

1.5       There will be movement of players between all senior grades at the discretion of the Selection Committee.

1.6       Promotion and relegation of players between teams will be based on form, match ups, training, attitude and team balance.

1.7       The Team Coach will endeavour to communicate to all players who are promoted or relegated prior to the posting of the teams - advising of the decision with an explanation for the action and an indication of Club expectations of the player.

1.8       Each coach must maintain up-to-date individual performance and games-played statistics for each player and have these available at every Selection Committee meeting.

1.9       Teams will be posted in the clubrooms and on the club website each Thursday evening.


2          Senior Teams - Thirds and below

2.1       Except in exceptional circumstances[1] senior players will spend no more than a half-game on the bench in any normal round fixture.

2.2       All senior players will receive an even amount of game-time across the season.  Each Team Coach must ensure that individual half-game and games-played records are kept.

2.3       Player game-time rotations DO NOT apply in finals games.

2.4       Every senior team will have pitching staff to enable the team to be competitive – this may include rotating pitching staff from higher grades on a single-game basis.

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