Lew Lewington Memorial Trophy - Men's Club Champion

The Lew Lewington Memorial Trophy is awarded to the MVP of the Mens Firsts team each summer season.  It is based on votes from the umpires during each season and awarded at presentation night.

It was first awarded in 1979/80 and in 2006/07 the club altered the award to recognise co-club champions for Men & Women, before that was removed in 2010 when the Samantha Hamilton Trophy was awarded.

Honour Roll

2018/19 Brian Chen
2017/18 Cody Beck
2016/17 Tyler Cooklin
2015/16 Justin Lawrence
2014/15 Luke Westphal
2013/14 Ben Utting
2012/13 Jason Braun
2011/12 Michael Daykin
2010/11 Scott Carr
2009/10 Jamie Lethborg
2008/09 Cameron Hubbard
2007/08 Jason Blewjas
2006/07 Ken O'Malley 
2005/06 Lachlan Craven & Paul Weichard
2004/05 Brendan McDonald
2003/04 Lachlan Craven
2002/03 Chris Nicholas
2001/02 Daniel Mack
2000/01 Hayden Dingle
1999/00 Armen Kouchardjian
1998/99 Matthew Kent
1997/98 Chris Nicholas
1996/97 Armen Kouchardjian
1995/96 Dominick Ruggiero
1994/95 Chris Barrett
1993/94 Flynn Wilkinson
1992/93 Phillip O'Toole
1991/92 Scott Dawes
1990/91 Cameron Wilson
1989/90 Mark Feuerer
1988/89 Ian Hubble
1987/88 Gary Kearton
1986/87 Gary Keaton
1985/86 David Wootton
1984/85 Craig Hunter
1983/84 Craig Hunter
1982/83 Gary Mack
1981/82 Mike Thew
1980/81 Max Grant
1979/80 Max Grant

Samantha Hamilton Trophy - Women's MVP

The Samantha Hamilton Trophy is awarded to the MVP of the Women's Firsts team each summer season.  It is based on votes from the umpires during each season and awarded at presentation night.

It was first awarded in 2000/01, with the trophy re-named in honour of club legend Hamilton in 2010.

Honour Roll

2018/19 Belinda Cannington
2016/17 Erin Collis
2015/16 Erin Collis
2014/15 Belinda Cannington
2013/14 Samantha Hamilton
2012/13 Bronwyn Gell
2011/12 Kathy Welsh
2010/11 Erin Collins
2009/10 Amy McCann
2008/09 Amy McCann
2007/08 Ailsa Davidson
2006/07 Amy McCann
2005/06 Ailsa Davidson
2004/05 Jade Hough
2003/04 Jade Hough
2002/03 Catherine Row
2001/02 Catherine Row
2000/01 Catherine Row

Charles Chasemore Trophy - Best Club Person

Charles Chasemore was instrumental in the formation of the Doncaster Baseball Club and became the club's first President in 1974.  

Doncaster Baseball Club was formed when Doncaster United, an amalgamation of Box Hill and Donvale, joined with Doncaster to form the Doncaster Baseball Club as it stands now.

Chasemore was President from 1974 to 1976 and then took on the Treasurer’s job from 1976-1978.  Voted in as the clubs first life member in 1978, Charles sadly passed away in 1990.

First awarded in 1975, the Charles Chasemore Trophy for Best Club Person can be nominated by any current club member and all nominees are assessed by the DBC Committee and then a secret ballot by the committee decides the recipient.

The criteria are based on a person or couple who have been seen to be the main contributors around the club. It is not based on playing ability, nor monetary contributions, and is often won by a non-player.

Three people have won the award twice - Rob Mitchell (1975 & 1997/98), Doug Ramsay (1985/86 & 1986/87) and Hugh McGrath (2003/04 & 2010/11).

Honour Roll

2018/19 Peter Ervin & Andrew Weller
2017/18 Neil Southwell
2016/17 Dianne Hollingsworth
2015/16 Carolyn Bastian
2014/15 Craig Hutton
2013/14 Carla Gibson
2012/13 Kim Medlin
2011/12 Kevin Pound
2010/11 Hugh & Dale McGrath
2009/10 David Medlin
2008/09 Julie Mitchell
2007/08 Peter Bunting
2006/07 Amy McCann
2005/06 Tom Fitzmaurice
2004/05 John McDonald
2003/04 Hugh McGrath
2002/03 Michael LaMotte
2001/02 Tania Curwood
2000/01 Frank Crivelli
1999/00 Barbara Mack
1998/99 John Hodges
1997/98 Rob Mitchell
1996/97 Sandy & John Cliff
1995/96 Matt Cliff
1994/95 Christine Jordan
1993/94 End Sheriff
1992/93 Bruce Nicholas
1991/92 Max Sheriff
1990/91 Greg Edwards
1989/90 Gary Mack
1988/89 Linda Wright
1987/88 Noel Pinnell
1986/87 Doug Ramsay
1985/86 Doug Ramsay
1984/85 Wayne Schrank
1983/84 Margaret Gambrell
1982/83 Brian Corbett
1981/82 David Johnson
1980/81 Norm Reynolds
1979/80 Ray Johnson
1978/79 Betty Potter
1978 William Hodges
1977 Mark Johnson
1976 Dave Carr
1975 Rob Mitchell

Betty Potter Memorial Trophy - Best Junior Club Person

Betty Potter was the wife of Hedley who was President of Doncaster Baseball Club from 1976-1982.

She was a tireless worker around the Club devoting most of her time in the administration and coordination of the Junior program.

Betty tragically passed away in 1980.

Hedley requested at the time if he could donate a trophy in memory of his wife.  The decision was made to award a trophy that would bear the name of Betty Potter, to a junior.

The criteria of this award is not based on the playing ability of the junior, but the sportsmanship, club dedication, their willingness to help others and the general manners they display to all those around the club.

The award is open to all juniors from Under 12s to Under 18s.

Honour Roll

2018/19 Thomas Ervin
2017/18 Sean Tran
2016/17 Maddison Weller
2015/16 Maddy Davis
2014/15 Dakota Gibson
2013/14 Callum Gibson
2012/13 Jed Bastian
2011/12 Jarrah Vella-Wright
2010/11 Belinda Cannington
2009/10 Bransen Gibson
2008/09 Daniel McGrath
2007/08 Simon Fitzmaurice
2006/07 Rhys Aldenhoven
2005/06 Leigh Bertrand
2004/05 Callum Speirs
2003/04 Brendan McDonald
2002/03 Ailsa Davidson


Max Sheriff Memorial Trophy - Young Sportsperson 3s,4s,5s

Max joined the club in the late 1980’s because his son Gavin didn’t want to play cricket.  Cricket’s loss was definitely Doncaster’s gain as together with his wife Enid they quickly became ingrained in the club.

Max filled many positions at the club including President twice, treasurer twice and has also won the Best Club person in 1991-92. Max passed away in 1999 and is survived by his wife Enid and son Gavin.

Max showed particular interest and was passionate about the 3rds and 4ths and this is why this award has come about. The award now extends to all lower grades of men and goes to a player who is not a junior but displays all the attributes of being a quality young sportsman.

Honour Roll

2018/19 Sean Tran
2017/18 Alex Deakes
2016/17 Matt Ignatiadis
2015/16 Jed Bastian
2014/15 Cory McGeary
2013/14 Tom Burgoine
2012/13 Nick Hollingsworth
2011/12 Ryan Synnot
2010/11 Sam Lethborg
2009/10 Mitchell Ellis
2008/09 Sam Lethborg
2007/08 Rhys Hopper
2006/07 Michael Cannington
2005/06 David Sacchetta
2004/05 Paul Dealy
2003/04 Geoff Scott
2002/03 Graeme Pogson

Sonia Cook Memorial Trophy

Sonia was an enrergetic and vibrant young woman who had always been involved in sports, firstly taking to sofball as a child.  She began playing basbeall with Forest Hill in her teens and joined the Doncaster Dragons at the beginning of the 2003/04 season.

It was here that her baseball talents began to flourish.  She began the season in the 2s, making 3B her own, and after strong performances, she quickly made her way into the Division 1 team where she played a handful of games during the season.

Further to this, she was selected in the Victorian Provincial team that would contest the 2004 Australian Womens Championships in Tamworth.

He personality on and off the baseball field was infectious and you could always bet on a laugh or a joke from her.

Suddenly on the 30 January 2004, Sonia tragically passed away.

The female playing group, together with the board, decided to honour her memory with the Sonia Cook Memorial Trophy.  This award, voted by the female players, goes to a female player deemed to have contributed both on and off the field to the overall betterment of the club and someone who displays the same qualities as Sonia.

Honour Roll

2018/19 Vanessa Clifford
2017/18 Sophia Stensholt
2016/17 Jamie Bastian
2015/16 Kate & Emma Chandler
2014/15 Kathy Hutton
2013/14 Vanesa Clifford
2012/13 Kirrily Tyson
2011/12 Erin Collins
2010/11 Lauren Menechelli
2009/10 Samantha Hamilton
2008/09 Fiona Jury
2007/08 Tania Curwood & Samantha Hamilton
2006/07 Nancy Duncan
2005/06 Amy McCann & Samantha Hamilton
2004/05 Ursula Howad
2003/04 Brooke Halliwell

Glenn Lacey - Home Run Award

Glenn Lacey came up through the juniors at Doncaster and became one of the most consistent power hitters in baseball

While playing in Doncaster’s first nine team against Fitzroy, Glenn belted four back to back home runs in one game.  This is believed to be a record in Victorian senior baseball.

Sadly at age 22 in 1989, Glenn passed away.

But the memory of him and his power hitting lives on through this trophy that is awarded to the first nine player who hits the most home runs in a season.

Honour Roll

2018/19 Nick DiBenedetto 3
2016/17 Tyler Cooklin 2
2015/16 Rhys Aldenhoven & Nic Unland 1
2014/15 Callum Lethborg, Brendan McDonald  1
2013/14 Andrew Reeves 1
2012/13 Andrew Mazzocato 1
2011/12 Slade Squire 2
2010/11 Ken O'Malley 3
2009/10 Peter Stokes 2
2008/09 Cameron Hubbard & Scott Carr 2
2007/08 Jason Blejwas 8
2006/07 Paul Weichard 5
2005/06 Paul Weichard 5
2004/05 Brendan McDonald 1
2003/04 Steve Balkin 4
2002/03 Chris Nicholas 17
2001/02 Hayden Dingle 9
2000/01 Chris Nicholas 7
1999/00 Chris Nicholas 9
1998/99 Daniel Mack 7
1997/98 Chris Nicholas 13
1996/97 Geoff Dunn 7
1995/96 Chris Nicholas 8
1994/95 Chris Barrett 4
1989/90 Ian Hubble & Richard Tucker 3
1988/89 G Kearton 5

Gordon 'Stumpy' Russell - Best Senior Finals Player

Gordon Stumpy Russell was a founding member of the Doncaster Baseball Club. Stumpy started playing with the Newport Club before coaching Collingwood and Footscray before moving to Donvale.  In 1973 Doncaster United BC amalgamated with the Doncaster Baseball Club and the United was dropped.

Stumpy was a regular around the club, not only on game days, but at practice sessions and all social functions. He was made a life member.  Stumpy passed away in 1990 and will always be remembered as a true supporter of the club and people associated with it.

The best finals player is just that. The trophy is awarded to the best player through a finals series – selected by the team coach.  Should more than one team finish in the finals, a player from the highest grade shall be selected.  Eg. If the second nine and fourth nine are in a finals playoff, a player from the second nine will be selected.  A player from the fourth nine will still be selected by that team’s coach for an award ‘Best Finals Series’, but there is only one Gordon Russell Trophy awarded each season.

In 2001/02 the Award was extended to cover Womens Teams playing in Finals, however this was superceded in 2012/13 by the introduction of the Sandy Cliff Trophy specifically for Womens Teams in finals.

Honour Roll

2018/19 Brian Chen
2015/16 Rhys Otter
2014/15 Rhys Hopper
2012/13 Geoff Rietschel
2009/10 Callum Lethborg
2006/07 Justin Woo
2003/04 Scott Couling
2002/03 Graeme Bartlett
2001/02 Darrel Lacey
1999/00 Darryn Cassidy
1998/99 Darryn Cassidy
1997/98 Scott Dawes
1993/94 Scott Dawes
1990/91 Cameron Hunter
1988/89 J. Warner
1987/88 Ian Hubble

Lacey Family Trophy - Best Junior Finals Player

Jack and Edna Lacey were founding life members of the Doncaster Baseball Club and supported their sons Darrel and Glen at every game. They were there for every Saturday morning junior games and stayed right throughout the whole day supporting the club and quite often running the canteen. Being a butcher, Jack would always donate ‘Jack’s meat tray’ every week.

The Lacey’s were like surrogate grandparents to our juniors as they supported them right throughout and even followed their forays into senior levels. Jack was even a keen umpires advisor, although this was clearly an unofficial role!

In the latter years ‘Jack and Edna’s deluxe sun lounges’ were a fixture under the verandah just next to the canteen, where they sat so they could greet as many supporters as possible. Sadly like their son Glen they have both passed on, but their commitment to the juniors is honoured by this award to the best player in a junior finals series.

Honour Roll

2018/19 Angus Stals
2017/18 Luke Hutton
2016/17 Jamie Bastian
2014/15 Brian Chen
2012/13 Lewis Thorpe
2011/12 Mitchell Ellis
2010/11 Mitchell Ellis
2009/10 Callum Lethborg
2008/09 Lewis Thorpe
2007/08 Daniel McGrath
2006/07 Lewis Thorpe
2005/06 Ryan Lea
2004/05 Brendan McDonald
2003/04 Daniel McGrath
2002/03 Joshua Bride

Sandy Cliff Trophy - Best Woman Finals Player

In early 2013 it was decided to separate the Best Finals Players awards for the Men's and Women's programs respectively.  As part of this change the incumbent Board elected to name the Women's trophy in recognition of one of the stalwarts of the club and the Women's program - Sandy Cliff.  Sandy is an integral part of the Doncaster Baseball Club, and a big part of Sandy's commitment and passion over the past 10 years has been directed to the Doncaster Women's teams.

Sandy's support has contributed to the success and growth of the Doncaster Women's Programme.  Sandy has been there for the girls both on field and off field.  Sandy is the number 1 supporter at the Women's games each weekend (home & away), prepares dinners on training nights, travels to support the women at State and National Championship and offers to help wherever she can.  Off field Sandy is the first to offer support or wipe away the tears.  She is there to listen and give words of encouragement.

Honour Roll

2018/19 Charmaine Neate
2016/17 Amy McCann
2015/16 Erin Collis
2014/15 Belinda Cannington
2013/14 Amy Collins
2012/13 Bronwyn Gell
2011/12 Amy McCann
2010/11 Amy McCann
2008/09 Jade Hough
2007/08 Sam Hamilton
2005/06 Alisa Tamburrino
2004/05 Ailsa Davidson
2001/02 Catherine Row